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Woman in gym clothes before and after weight loss

"With two autoimmune conditions impacting my health the doctors advised that whilst I could exercise, I had to ensure that my heart rate did not elevate too high as this would exacerbate my conditions. My weight loss therefore had to be at a slower rate to most individuals. Mani took the time to understand this and developed a programme that both helped me build strength and lose weight without causing a relapse of my conditions."

"I’ve worked with Mani for just over one year and I genuinely could not be more complimentary of her style, tailored approach and all round knowledge of fitness and well-being. I always look forward to my 3-weekly sessions with Mani (although she works me very hard!).


Mani’s approach has helped me improve in so many ways, physically I feel stronger and leaner. Over and above this, I have a new found focus on my career, family and general well being. Overwhelmingly, this is down to the way Mani approaches every single session; no two sessions are ever the same, and she never lets up on the intensity and the overall aim of our agreed programme.


Mani effortlessly switched from face-to-face to Zoom led classes during lockdown. She’s demonstrated a brilliant degree of professionalism throughout, and our sessions are no less intense, focused and always with a great deal of variety.


I genuinely cannot speak highly enough, or thank you enough for the change that you’ve helped enact into my life Mani. You’re a fantastic mentor, you really know your stuff inside out and you’ve really helped in so many ways over and above my obvious fitness gains. You have supported me with your flexibility, after I contracted COVID you reset our programme and I honestly feel that your guidance helped me recover fully, and for that I can’t thank you enough.


To anybody looking for a change in their life, particularly with health and fitness but also to get into a great headspace, you’ll get exactly that with Mani, and she genuinely wants to help you, loves what she does (so passionate!!) and always meets you with a smile. Mani is soft in her approach but she has a hard edge in her sessions and that has meant fantastic personal results for me….


Mani…. A heartfelt thank you to you, you are brilliant, keep up your brilliant work!"

Woman in gym clothes before and after weight loss

"I started my fitness journey with Mani in February 2020 and seeing how much progress I made I cannot believe I didn't start it sooner! Remotely, I worked through programmes she had 

exclusively designed for me  to fit around my daily life and job. My workouts were all completed at home with limited equipment and running outside which is something I was never able to do! 

Not only did the workouts make me physically stronger, they've also made me mentally stronger, more focused and driven to reach my fitness goals whilst being completely realistic. I've lost over 13kg so far and still feel excited every time I workout!"

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